Wednesday, September 05, 2012

How August Ended For Us

*We went fishing with a bear!!  It was so cool.  He was across the river from us when we stopped to eat.  He hung out for about 10 minutes, paying no attention to us whatsoever!  That was such a cool experience.

*Carter started high school--wow.  Max started middle school.  He was probably one of the few 6th graders who was not nervous at all!

*Carter started high school soccer.  After about the second day of try outs he told me it was way more fun than he ever thought it would be.  He is swinging between JV and Varsity.  The first game he played one half of JV and two halves of varsity (you can only play 3 halves a day).  When he first got off the bench to go into the game I was so excited for him!  He did really well, he's not the biggest or the fastest, but when he finally gets into puberty and the muscles start developing he will be just fine out there on the field.  The second game (vs. Glacier) he played a lot on varsity.  It went well but the team lost (sad face).  He played the whole JV game and played great.  They lost that one too, but he had some amazing passes.  When he came off the field after the first game he said, "That was so much fun!"  Let's hope that attitude remains.  We have a tough row to hoe, the varsity team has not won a game in two years.  I hope that they at least win a few this year!
I think one reason that he is enjoying it so much is that this group of upperclassmen are so nice to the younger kids!  We'll see how this weekend goes when they go on an overnight trip!

How was the end of your summer?

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