Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quotes for High School

I don't know if you all realize this but my first born is starting high school in a month (but starting high school sports in two weeks).  So, this week I have spent an evening creating a quote book for him for the start of high school.  I was going to full out scrap him a mini book, but then I decided to play around with picmonkey.com, which took over when picnik.com closed.  It is AWESOME.  I like it better then picnik.  Anyway, I created 12 photos that are super cool.  I made them into a collage to post here, but I am printing each one as an individual picture for Carter.  And it was so quick and easy and I just did it while sitting here watching the Olympics that I think I will make one for Max too!


Renn said...

Super Awesome, Jana Rae!

Alisha Anne said...

Hello Jana. I just came across your blog through "Simple as That" when you posted you were from Kalispell. I live here in Kalispell as well and just wanted to say hello! Handsome boys you have! :-) ~Alisha Linn over at www.embraceink.com

Lorri said...

Oh Jana, this is so wonderful!! The idea itself and your project on its own. Thank you for the fabulous idea!