Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Loves...Cont.

It has been almost four years since I added to my list of things I love here on my blog.  Also, it has been almost 7 years since I started this blog.  Wow.  Anyway, I am going to add to my list for you today!  Some of these are totally out of date, but at one point in the past ten years they meant a lot to me!

119.  Robin Hood
120.  Salt Water Taffy:  banana/strawberry and also cinnamon flavor
121.  Friday Night Lights
122.  Playing the Wii (currently I love Just Dance the most)
123.  Weeds
124.  Glitter pnecils
125.  Using paint chips as bookmarks (especially the Disny ones from Home Depot)
126.  Rainbow Connection
127.  Robbie Williams
128.  Vince Guaraldi
129.  Jim Gaffigan
130.  Percy Jackson books
131.  lipsmackers.

When I pulled out my list today I added a ton of CURRENT things, but I didn't want to mash my current with the old so they will be on another post!

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Renn said...

You're awesome! By the way, you spelled pencils wrong :) oxox