Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Friday Night

(sorry for my blogging silence, I have no excuse)

The last dance of the year took place at Kalispell Middle School.  Scott always chaperones these because they are sponsored by CARE and he is the president of the CARE board.  So I went and chaperoned as well.  And I made Carter go because it was to be his last middle school dance.  He doesn't hate going but he doesn't live to go either.  At any rate, I was watching him at the dance and I just had to shake my head.  He totally reminded me of me at a party--kind of socially awkward.  I am good one on one and good in small groups, but in a big party/dance type situation I am just never very comfortable!  And that's how Carter what was, just not really sure what group to hang out with or if he should dance, etc...  Then again, it was a middle school dance and many, many of them seemed that way!

We've been in the swing of spring sports, Max with baseball and Carter with soccer and track.  The weather has been good and both of them are enjoying themselves a lot.  Two weekends ago Carter played two games that were outstanding.  He played hard, he had energy and was effective in the middle.  I seriously had not seen him play that good in about two years!  I guess you could say I was relieved.  We are not totally clear, there seems to be one spot in his body that is giving him trouble, but last Monday we had a doctor's appointment and have a plan of action.

And you might have known that picnik, the online photo editing site I used closed down.  It totally broke my heart---until I discovered picmonkey.com.  It doesn't have a collage feature yet, which was what I used most on picnik, but it says one is coming soon.  And overall, it is shaping up to be BETTER than picnik!

And lastly, if you have not seen this video yet you must be living under a rock.  It's super cute though--and it's the catchiest song EVER!

Hope you have a GREAT Tuesday!

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