Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Start of a New Week

Last week was so busy--Carter having track and soccer practices, Max having hunter's ed, Scott out of town, it was hectic.  But it was a good week also.  My niece Samantha was in town and that is always fun having her around.  She and Max play great together.

Sunday was so great, not only did we have a fun Easter, Carter was also confirmed as a member of our church.  It was such a special day!  Here he is with Abbie and Tiana, tow girls who were also confirmed.  These three are third generation members of our church, and all their grandparents are still active members.  All us moms were pregnant at the same time and they were born within four months of each other!  So cool!

This week doesn't look like it will be any less busy, but I still have my meals planned and prepped and am ready to hit the ground running!  It also helps that there is no school on Friday!

Hope your week is fantastic as well!

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