Monday, April 02, 2012

Spring Break

I had a wonderful spring break.  I did all the things in a week that I wanted to and then some.

*I saw two movies!  Both were great.  21 Jump Street was hysterical.  Scott laughed so hard in the first 20 minutes I thought he was going to start crying.  And The Hunger Games was fantastic.  See it if you haven't, then go read the second book.

*We painted the boys rooms!  I haven't taken good pictures but when I do, I will post them.  I also bought new dressers for them.  The rooms are really looking good!

*I cleaned up the house.  Not a deep cleaning, but a picking up which made the house look much nicer!

*I caught up with a couple of friends I hadn't seen in awhile.  It is always nice when that happens!

*I planned out my meals for the next three weeks.  And cooked a bunch of stuff for the freezer.  We are going to be pretty busy in the next three weeks--soccer, track, baseball, hunter's education--so it's good to have a plan and some things prepped!

*I napped a couple of times, but honestly not as much as I'd liked.  I took lots of baths though!

*I caught up on a few TV shows.  However, I didn't get near as much reading done as I'd wanted.

I hope you had a good week and/or spring break!

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diane said...

Thanks for letting me join you at the movie during Spring Break. My latest idea is I want to learn how to shoot a bow! Blake will buy the arrows and I can use Zach's bow so watch out world!