Thursday, March 22, 2012

Carter Update

We've had some interesting things happening with Carter.
It looked like we were having a relapse a few weeks ago (around the time of the Hoopfest basketball tournament).  So I talked to the doctor's office and they suggested some things to try.  One of them being taking Carter off of dairy, sugar and nuts and seeds.  Dairy and sugar?!  And they want him to gain weight?
But when I looked back on what he'd been eating I noticed that seeds had been a huge part of his diet--in the form of strawberries and raspberries and cracked wheat bread.  I took all of that stuff out (including raw fruits and veggies) and he seemed to clear up.  Every now and again a cramp or two and some diarrhea (he'd love me telling you all this).
So we went to get a treatment on Monday--he's gained two pounds and grown a half an inch (in a month).  This is such a tiny amount, but it is HUGE to us!  Previously he'd grown about a half an inch in 18 months so this seems to be a sign that his body is fixing itself!
I also talked to the doctor's office again and mentioned that Carter thought his relapse might have been due to being nervous for playing basketball and the nurse said definitely.  Nerves really play a apart in kids with crohns!  And not only did he have a basketball tournament, but a soccer tournament and CRT testing.  A whole month of nerves!!
But, right now things are looking good!


Mom Jo said...

I am so happy for all of you. This is a big deal!!!!
Sorry to hear about Scott, more stress for everyone. Sometime things will look up!
Love you all and you are in our prayers. Love you

Anonymous said...

Are you in Missoula this weekend? Sticking close to home for Spring Break? Maybe we could sneak away for a movie this next week. Thinking of you....

Lorri said...