Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Warning: Braggy Mom!!

So Carter attends a program at the health club here called Parisi.  He did it in 6th grade, but not in 7th (too sick!) and just started again over Christmas break.

He attends normally twice a week, but sometimes we find it hard to make it twice.  Especially since he became the manager of an 8th grade girls basketball team.  But for the most part, twice a week.

So today I get an email asking me to make sure that Carter is there today because he is getting an award.  We don't know what the award is for, it could be least body odor for all we know.  I just know I am super proud of him! 

Although he told me he feels guilty that he won an award because he doesn't feel he attends enough to deserve an award.

Ok, bragging done.

Thanks for listening!


Jo said...

Make sure to let us know what the award is for, and goahead and brag I love it.

Niki Warnell said...

I agree. Brag away. It's part of the reason that we have kids! And you have GREAT kids so you have lots and lots to be proud of!

Renn said...

I agree with Niki, that's why we have children so we can brag about them! And Carter deserves it!

Jana said...

You guys are so sweet! He won a "most improved" award. The thing that made us laugh about that is that he was tested in the spring of 6th grade. Then not again until this winter. So, of course his marks went so much higher! He was almost two years older!