Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Thoughts

*I wish that salad dressing came in tester packages.  There are so many cool sounding flavors out there, but they are expensive!  And if you buy one and don't like it you feel guilty for throwing it out, but you don't need an open bottle of dressing in your fridge for a few years (or another open bottle anyway).

*I don't think Carter is the best writer, but when compared to some others whose stuff I have recently read, he is not too bad at all.

*Scott & I had a super productive Monday.  We pulled the washer and dryer out and cleaned the floor.  I don't think we'd done that since we had moved into that house and it was so needed.  We also got a bunch of small things done too.

*I made it through the whole week last week without missing a day!

*I also have slept the last few nights without taking Nyquil.

*Today is Ash Wednesday and I am giving up diet Coke for Lent.  I have been relying on it way too much lately so I am going cold turkey.  I am also going to give up my "woe is me attitude."  Things could be much, much worse!

*Tonight after youth group I am going to take a bath.  I am already planning it and know it will feel wonderful.

*I am giving my gold star for last week to my friend Darlene.  She is recovering from a bout with breast cancer.  Her attitude is so good and I am so impressed by her strength!  See, things could be much worse!

*How is your week going?

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