Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

For the past two days I have felt good.
Really good.
My knee is not hurting, ,my eyes are all clear although I am coughing a little bit overall my flu/cold from last week is gone.
It's so nice to feel good.

Last week at youth group we burned the palm frond from last year's palm Sunday service.  The pastor then uses those ashes for Ash Wednesday.  He also had us write a personality trait or something that we'd like to do away with.  I put down "pity party/woe is me."  I feel I have been caught into that trap way to much lately.  I am not sure if I have "guilt" that Carter has to go through so much and I am not so I creating in myself ailments.  I know they are real, because doctor's tell me they are, but it just feels like one thing after another.

So I am celebrating about not feeling lousy!!

How are you celebrating your Valentine's day?

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