Thursday, January 05, 2012


First of all, if you are chatting with a mother of a 13 year old boy and she tells you her son was recently diagnosed with Crohns disease, YOU MAY NOT tell her how bad it's going to get and that he will eventually be terminal. SERIOUSLY. WTF?! That just happened to me! This woman was talking about her terminal husband (before I knew what his "disease" was) and I mentioned Carter had Crohns and her face just dropped. I mean, according to her Carter will be dead by the time he is 20. I stood up for him and told her how good he was doing and the people I knew that were older who were doing really great, etc... But obviously she wants to believe the worst because she just shook her head and gave me a sad look.

I am just a LITTLE pissed.

Even if you know someone who DIED from the disease you DO NOT tell that to a mother of a young child who has that disease! EVER!!

This is really the first negative encounter I have had since Carter got diagnosed and it just ticked me off!


Unknown said...

So wrong-- I completely share your frustration. Dismiss the comments you heard. It's wasted energy...

Renn said...

WTF is right!!! Who does that???