Monday, January 09, 2012

Productive Sunday & Gold Star

So, here's how I know that I was probably in a depression this fall and how I know I am probably out of it: I am getting stuff done finally!

I planned my meals for the week and yesterday I actually did a bunch of prep work to make sure I stick with my plan!
I thawed & browned 5 lbs. of ground beef (for spaghetti, tacos & slow cooker lasagna). I cooked the chicken I need for a chicken & rice dish and to make a pot pie for a friend who is having surgery this week. I also made cookies! Haven't done that in about a month. I remember when I used to make cookies once or twice a week!

I also prepped what I need for breakfast all week. I make breakfast for Scott & I every day--Carter eats cereal (he has a hard time functioning this early in the day so that's all he can manage) and Max eats at my moms so I don't have to worry about him. What I did today was cooked a bunch of bacon in the oven (super easy and convenient method for making bacon), then cooked biscuits. Tomorrow morning I will make eggs in a pan in the oven and put it all together for bacon, egg & cheese biscuits. YUM!

So it all makes me happy to get all this done!

My gold stars for last week go to my administrators at school. I have three of them and they are awesome. Friendly, supportive and caring. They do things for the good of the school, but honestly put community and students above grades and test scores. I LOVE teaching where I do!

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Unknown said...

I LOVE your chicken pot pie. Lucky recipient whoever it is!! So excited to have a cooking club gathering....