Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Strange Addiciton

Well, it's not really that much of an addiction but it is a great tip for you to keep in mind.
Last summer I bought an iphone. I LOVE it. (It was an iphone 3 which was way cheaper). I also bought a case with it. I didn't love the case I got but knew I needed one and there wasn't that great of a selection at the store.

Fast forward to November when Max broke my case. I didn't have the time or money to run to the store to spend $20 for a new case, so I turned to ebay. Holy moely--they have a plethora of phone cases available. AND they are cool, AND they are cheap, AND mostly they have free shipping!!

So, now I obsess over cases. (I also found cheap cases for Carter & Max's ipod touches & Scott's phone--Orange!).

Recently I bought this one: LOVE it!

So keep it in mind the next time you need or want a new case for you phone!

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