Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday & Gold Star

So, last week I was in a dark place.  I have hurt my knee and am unsure what's wrong with it.  My greatest fear is that my ACL repair that I had in high school is failing.  I am not sure that can happen, but my mind is at the worst spot possible.

At any rate, it hurts.  I am going to the doctor today.  But, back to last week I was pretty depressed about the pain.  And the fact that I couldn't just go lay in bed all week.  So, if you are keeping track my back was awful for a month or so this fall, then my eyes have had herpes, and now mu knee is horrible.

Let's just say that my 41st year of life is not the most tremendous.

Then I was visited by my "friend" this weekend and I felt so much better.  I think my depression was kind of tied to that!

Max and I went to Joyful Noise this weekend and loved it.  Great movie and a great message.  VERY feel good!

Max gets my gold star.  He and I hung out this weekend because Scott and Carter were in Helena at basketball.   He is a wonderful companion!  We had a great time.  How was your weekend?

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