Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Knees & Success

So, I am having my knee scoped on Friday.
It was feeling decent and then yesterday I made a move that made me knee POP.  It hurt, a lot.  I felt like throwing up.
The doctor thinks it is a meniscus tear so he is going to go in and fix it Friday.
I had this done with my other knee a few years ago.  So by the end of Friday I will have had my ACLs done on both knees and a meniscus tear fixed on both knees!  I am all evened out.

However, I have exciting news.  I am always on the lookout for recipes using round steak because I have the most of that left over when we buy part of a cow.  This week I found a slow cooker, shredded BBQ beef sandwich recipe using round steak.  I am making it today!!  I hope it turns out great...

How is your day going?

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Renn said...

jeez louise girl, you are falling apart on me!! i will look for recipes and send lots of love your way on friday!