Friday, January 13, 2012

Kids & Homework

I guess this is a blessing, but I never have to help my kids on big projects for school.

There are little things I help out with, but even that is rare. Carter gets his stuff done at school (mostly), and Max doesn't really have homework yet. However, this week Max is creating a poster on Leif Eriksson, the explorer.

The only thing he needed my help with was printing pictures from the internet. He had his vision and I couldn't help! I was kind of sad, (and kind of glad--I did have other things to do!) but he did a great job.

I just kind of thought I would be the kind of mom to help with those projects. I guess I am still that kind of mom, I just don't have those kind of kids!

(Although this week Carter's Montana history class started a big research project that I am helping with, but as the librarian. I am helping with research and I have to help everyone, not just my son.)

Have a great Friday!

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