Monday, December 26, 2011

Yay Christmas!

Leading up to Christmas I always feel a bit like a failure lately. I think this is because when I was younger I used to do A LOT. Tons! And the past few years I have not done quite as much.

But, when Christmas morning comes everything just works. And it is wonderful. We had a great Christmas and were lucky enough to spend it with lots of family--my aunt, uncle and cousin from Spokane came over and celebrated with us as did Scott's parents.

And the food! Jo brought lots of snacks and Jack made clam chowder. I made prime rib and we spent Christmas Eve at my mom's with lots of snacks, salad and cookies! It was all just perfect.

We bought Max an ipod touch for Christmas and he really had no idea that he was getting one. He wanted one and I wanted him to have one so he would stop playing with my cell phone, but we had him convinced he was just too young to have one. I put it into a lego kit that I had bought him this past summer when Borders was going out of business. He was being a really good trooper and not acting too disappointed about only getting one lego kit, but I knew he was. Then we told him to make sure all the legos were in the kit. He dumped it all out and saw the ipod touch and was so surprised! It was priceless.

I hope your Chistmas was as wonderful and that you are having a great break!

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