Friday, December 30, 2011

Post Holiday Sales

I love going out in the morning the day after Christmas here's why:

*Target & Wal-Mart always put their holiday gift sets on sale for 50% off. This includes the lipsmacker kit which are on sale 5 lipsmackers for $2.50. A STEAL!! It also includes (if I am lucky--sometimes these are sold out) the Intuition razor kits. These are my favorite razors but the replacement blades are so expensive, unless you can get them as part of a kit. And if you can get that kit on sale (which I did, 5 blades for $5, another steal).

*Candy! I have a candy drawer at school that gets visited a lit during the day. It's nice to when someone makes sure to walk through the library to get a piece of candy. But it can get expensive so I always buy the holiday candy when it is 50% off.

*Roaming. There is normally something that can be found on sale that is a good deal, but you have to roam to find it. I don't mind doing that, especially in the morning when it is not that busy. Good stuff!

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