Monday, December 12, 2011

Gold Star Monday

Something happened last week that made me sad. Carter and his first ever girlfriend broke up. I adored his girlfriend and her mom and I got to be very good friends. I know that this will all be fine, that Carter and Sophie will probably end up being good friends and that her mom and I will remain good friends, but I am sad that this chapter in Carter's life has ended.

It was time. They hardly ever spent time in each others' company and were both probably ready to move on. I told Carter he had to do it in person and we talked about what he might say (it was his decision). I haven't talked to him about what he actually said, but it all seems to be okay.

So, for my gold star this week I would like to give it to Sophie and Carter and her mom.

Sophie for being such a perfect first girlfriend for my son. And for being my book buddy!

Carter for talking to her about it in person and not by text. And for learning. And for not being ready for another girlfriend yet (phew).

And for Michelle, for being a good friend, a texting buddy and for all the wonderful coffee!!

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