Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Do You Tweet?

I do tweet. I mostly tweet about books and the people I follow are mostly book people. I follow some comedians and a few others but I basically use it to promote my book blog. I don't know that high schoolers around Kalispell use it much, but my niece and most of her friends use it a ton. My sister will sometimes text me to check out what so & so tweeted. And oh wow, teenagers just have no filters! And they can't spell, and they swear like sailors. But, it's kind of like a mini soap opera.

This fall when I was so stressed about Carter (I had originally posted that as Max, but it was supposed to be Carter) and my back was killing me and I was seriously sliding into a depression I used to love it when my sister would call and leave me message after message about my niece's high school life. It was my own soap opera. She is doing really well now, though so I don't get the soap opera as much. I am craving a little more drama! (Not really, I want her to be happy and it appears she is headed that way!)

Anyway, she & her friends would sometimes fight over twitter but because they would never use names they would always just claim they were talking about someone else. Every now & again I will look up one particularly crass person on twitter and just shake my head over her tweets. It's like reading a train wreck!

What about you? Any twitter experiences?

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