Thursday, December 01, 2011

Another Weekly Update

We went to Spokane this week for a check up and infusion for Carter. Things are looking really good, but he needs to start gaining weight. So, he needs to eat more and stop bring so active. I am sure that will happen! I told him for every pound he gains I will lose one. We both will have to work hard at this!

While we were in Spokane we got to go to a Gonzaga men's game. They played Notre Dame and it was so much fun. Intense!

He is almost done with 8th grade basketball, I cannot believe that he will be in high school next year (I am sure I will say that a lot over the next few months)!

Max started break dancing class. He loves it. He practices and does push ups and crunches at home. It takes a lot of upper body strength!

Carter shot an elk this fall! He had a blast going hunting and was so proud of shooting that elk. Scott was almost more proud, though. It was a special time for both of them.

How have you all been?

(next week my posts will be better, promise)


Renn said...

So glad to hear about Carter! Is he going to do AAU basketball?

Lorri said...

Where does one take break dancing in Kalispell? Thinking Ethan would like that, too.