Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekly Supplemental

Since I know all of you wonder....Carter is doing really well.

Last Friday (11/4) he had a horrible day. It put me in a bad way. He had diarrhea all day long. Then I got sick on Saturday, then Carter got sick on Sunday. THEN, I had diarrhea all day long on Tuesday. By then Carter was doing really well so I realized that his bad day Friday was probably part of the bug we had! Since then he has been doing great, even gaining a little weight.

And this winter is the winter of supplements for the Warnells. I bought us a big pack of EmergenC and am making us drink it daily. I also had heard that magnesium is a great supplement for people and it helps people sleep. A friend of mine confirmed this so I bought us some of this and Scott and I are trying it out this week! Can't hurt, I hope. (It is also says "anti-stress" on the label. That works for me).

And this weekend I was healthy! I got things done--laundry, cleaned, undecorated from Halloween. It was awesome! I even caught up on a few TV shoes and finished a book. Very productive.


Lorri said...

Great news about Carter!

Let me know how the magnesium works out for you. My new discovery is 5-htp and B6. I've been taking the combo for about a week - and I really feel a difference. 5-htp an amino acid that is the bridge for metabolizing seratonin. Apparently, in times of stress, our bodies aren't so good at actually releasing the the seratonin that it produces.

Renn said...

What did the MRI show?