Wednesday, November 09, 2011

TV Updates

A month or so into the new season and here's what I am loving the most:

Castle. For some reason this is my favorite show right now. I watch it quickest of all the shows I watch.

I also love all the ABC Wednesday night comedies and the NBC Thursday night comedies--mostly because these are the quickest for me to watch and my boys enjoy watching them with me.

There are a lot of other shows I watch and enjoy, but these are my "must watch" shows right now.


Lorri said...

I watch Mentalist the quickest. New Girl is a close second. I'm also knocking out Prime Suspect pretty quickly. But I finally deleted The Good Wife because they were piled up and I was like, when I run out of things to watch, do I even want to watch that? The answer was a lukewarm "maybe" and so I deleted it altogether. :)

Lorri said...

If you have HBO, I highly recommend the documentary "Something is wrong with Aunt Diane." And the Carrie Fisher show "Wishful Drinking." I had those recorded for a couple months and finally watched them last weekend. Can't stop thinking about the first one.

Anonymous said...

Good wife is still tops on my list!