Friday, November 11, 2011

Here's a Story For You

Last June Carter's soccer team played at state in Great Falls. As always, Max came along. Not his most favorite thing to do, go and watch his big brother, but he's a good sport about it.

As we drove into Great Falls Max noticed some billboards advertising a new waterpark. He started talking about his hopes in being able to go to that waterpark before we left Great Falls. He's pretty good about bringing up ideas and then not letting it go until I give in. I knew that this would be the case so I didn't say no, I said we'd see if there was time.

On Sunday we found ourselves with time. Carter's games were done, but Scott has a few games still to ref. Then we were staying late for a girl's game because the girls Carter's age were playing in the championship game. I told Max he could go to the waterpark but he had to go by himself. I figured that would be the end of it, but no.

Eleven year old, independent Max decided he'd go by himself. We went to the park, I went in and talked to the workers about needing to leave him there (I was the only car for picking up and dropping off a few different groups of kids and refs that day). They assured me he would be watched over and safe there with them. It was not a very nice day, weather wise, and there were very few patrons.

I kissed him and off he went. I ran my errands and came back and watched him. He was in heaven. There was a lazy river and a wave pool. He went around and around. His smile was HUGE. I was so impressed that he would be on his own in a strange place and totally uninhibited.

I watched and soon my smile matched him. He is an awesome kid!!

The end.

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