Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Breaks My Heart

Yesterday Carter had an MRI. He had to not eat after 10 am, which was really more like 8 am because I don't think he had anything after breakfast.

We went to the MRI and he had to drink three big cups of this gross prep stuff. Then get an IV and another shot. After the MRI he threw up.

Then we rushed to the middle school so he could make his first basketball game.

After not eating all day, then just throwing up it is not surprising that he had a pretty crappy game. Then he threw up after the game.

I kind of wish that our doctor would tell us to take him out of sports for a bit for him to recover.

Carter doesn't want that though.

Hopefully the MRI will tell us what is going on in the small intestine.

On the good news front, he is not lactose intolerant nor does he have celiac.


Jo said...

I hate to hear that he had to go thru all of that, let's hope they find an answer.
He sure is a trooper.

Unknown said...

Life isn't fair. Hope you get answers looking for. Think of you often.

Renn said...

Carter is so amazing! He's in our prayers...let me know what the MRI says. OX

Lorri said...

So sorry. Ugh. Poor kid. But - no celiac's!? Wow! Prayers for answers and good health.

Lorri said...

OK, wait - but is Crohn's still part of his diagnosis?