Wednesday, October 19, 2011


First of all, Happy Birthday Melissa! I hope it was great.

To catch you up on my life: Scott's soccer team finished their regular season in second place on the west. This means we have a play-in game against Glacier on Thursday at 3. It will be a good game and we will have a lot of stress in our house until it is over.

Last winter at a booster club auction I bought a basket of gift cards including a night in a suite at the Hampton Inn. Since it expired at the end of October we had to use it. And we did, last Saturday. It was nice to have a night with no responsibilities. Good times!

Tonight I have a team dinner for Scott's girls. I made cavatini, salad, garlic bread and I bought cookies. You heard that right. I bought them. I just decided it was good enough for me!!

How is your week going?

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Anonymous said...

Too Cool! I instantly felt my cheeks go red when I opened your blog. You GOT me!! All is well on my end - bummed you already went to Footloose. Maybe I'll have to encourage Drew to go with me! Fall is in the air which means one thing - Butterscoth Pudding Apple Crisp! Miss you, my friend. Go Bravettes (I still feel a sense of allegiance to the black/orange)and enjoy the team dinner. Store bought cookies symbolize casual confidence, perspective and balance. You still get more done than anyone I know. Enjoy a few days off from school -M