Friday, October 14, 2011

It's the Small Things

Last night I made dinner!!

It was super exciting.

It's is also interesting to note that I, not the huge TV in the basement, seem to be the heart of our house. Since my back has been bad for the first few weeks of September, then again this last week, I have been paying around in the bed a lot in the evening. We have spent quite a few nights in my bedroom watching things together...the whole family. It's been pretty fun.

Scott's soccer team plays two games this weekend. If they win them both, they will be second in the West. If they tie them both, I believe the will be third. All in all a pretty good season! Play-offs are next week then state the week after that in Helena.

I am taking a group of kids out of school 15 minutes early to go and watch today's game, which starts at 3. Go Bravettes!

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