Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beautiful Fall

This has probably been the hardest fall I have ever endured--physically, mentally and emotionally. However, when I get up on mornings like this and down below my house is covered in fog and I get to watch the sun come up, burn off the fog and reveal all the amazing fall colors, I really feel like I can't complain about anything. What an amazing morning!

We are headed back to Spokane today. Carter needs another scope. He hasn't gotten much better while using the new medication so the doctor needs to go take another look. Best case scenario? Things inside will look fine so which will mean the medication is working and now we have to adjust his diet. I don't even know what worst case would be, nor do I want to think about that!

The worst thing is that I feel like every time we have gone to Spokane and I have had a thought in my head it has come true. The first time in June, I was really thinking it would be Crohns. It was. In August I was really expecting he would have to go one remicade, he did. I am trying not to think about anything for this one, but it is hard. I will keep you all up to date.

Scott's team won their play off game and are heading into state second in the West. So exciting. The most amazing part is that his team has only allowed 4 goals to be scored against them in 13 games. They have had 9 shut outs and the teams that have scored against them have each only scored one goal. They have some incredible defense working for them!

All summer I was pretty sure that if his team made it to state I would take the time off and go all three days. However, now that I have missed so much for Carter and my back I don't know if I should. So here's what I decided. If they win their first game on Thursday I will go down Friday morning for their second and third games. I think they are going to do it!!

Hope your weekend went great!!

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Unknown said...

Safe Travels, Jana. I can feel the frustration you're experiencing. Hang in there and dwell on the positives. Thinking of you -