Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Problem With a Back Injury

I realize I am not alone here, that all of us have gone through periods of illness/injury/recovery. But, I need to whine a bit.

I just feel like half a person! Even when I am feeling good, I am pooped by the evening and have no energy left for cooking dinner or cleaning or hygiene. I know that coaching volleyball does not help this out. I probably shouldn't have decided to coach, but my back didn't hurt when I took the job!

I am not sleeping well due to the pain, so, I have pain and no energy and am fighting falling asleep everyday. It's super fun!

This is my favorite time of year and I feel like I can't truly enjoy it. That is what sucks the most.

I know, WAH-WAH.

Give me some good news to cheer me up. Anything interesting happening for anyone?

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Renn said...

My news that will make you smile: you being a Bobcat will appreciate that the Griz SUCK again this year and it looks like I will have my husband back for Thanksgiving!