Friday, September 23, 2011

My Favorite Thing!

Have you been to Bath & Bodyworks lately?

They have a new candle collection that is to die for. (sorry Renn)

They have a massive amounts of "fall scents" that are amazing. And relatively cheap. Right now their three wick candles are 2 for $20. But that's not what I am going to tell you about.

They have 1.6 oz candles that are 3 for $5. They say these burn for 20 hours and let me tell you, they really do. The reason I love them is that sometimes you are burning a big candle, day after day. And you get a little tired of the scent, but you have a lot of candle left.

With these little ones, you can burn a different scent every day if you want! They are truly my new favorite thing.

Here are my favorite scents so far (of the ones I have actually tried):

(sorry so small, cut & paste you know)(from left):

Autumn: so wonderful. Smells just like being in the woods on a cool fall day.
Cinnamon Sugar Donuts: I normally don't like "sweet" smelling candles. I have changed my mind. I love this one. Slightly cinnamony, but mostly just good.
Leaves: smells a bit more woodsy than Autumn, but a little spicy as well. Great scent!
Pumpkin/Caramel Latte: This is Carter's favorite. Again, smells really sweet, but it doesn't bother me. It is just good. I want to lick it.

The website also has a bunch of winter/Christmas scents that the store does not yet have that are probably wonderful as well. But the coolest thing--3 wonderful, cute candles for $5. You couldn't beat a cute little gift like that with a stick! Stock up and you'll always have a quick birthday or housewarming gift on hand.

Also, when you are laying on your bed (either on your right side or your stomach) and you are moaning and teary eyed cause of the pain, a wonderful smelling candle can give you some small degree of comfort. Just sayin'.

How's your back these days?

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Renn said...

Oh my gosh, you poor thing. No worries about the candles...I buy those from bath & body all the time. Plus I no longer sell candles because my life has gotten SO crazy! I realized that I have put 200 miles on my car in only 4 days of taxing children to all of their after school sporting events...I haven't even driven out of the city limits!!!! I am on a CRAZY train!!!