Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jana and Her Back

Here's the story:

When I was younger, thinner and more in shape I hurt my back. I bulged a disc. At the time it was the worst pain I had ever felt because the bulged disc affects a nerve that runs down your leg. PAINFUL! Of course, I hadn't given birth yet so I didn't really know what pain was.

Well, for the past two weeks that bugled disc has been flaring up (or maybe I hurt another one, not sure). And let me tell you, IT IS STILL THE WORST PAIN EVER!

I can't sit, I can barely drive, I have one position I can lay when I sleep and Loritab has become my new best friend.

Last weekend I spent all of Friday in bed (except for a physical therapy session), and most of Saturday and Sunday. I felt so much better on Monday. Then on Tuesday I got cocky. I sat too much and by Tuesday night the pain was horrible.

I spent all day yesterday in bed, moaning. I can't focus on anything but the pain so I can't really read or watch TV. I nap a bit, but mostly just moan.

I finally got on some oral steroids to attack the inflammation. I can't get a shot because I need to get another MRI for that and I can't lay still on my back for an MRI yet. It sucks.

Welcome to my world. How has your fall been going?

(I think I need a massage)

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Renn said...

I'm so glad YOU"RE back!! And so sad ABOUT your back :( Can you say surgery, anyone? You will feel SO much better!!! I wish I was there to help you... or at least bring you pumpkin spice lattes. OXOXOX