Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Family Time

Family vacations are awesome. Weekends together doing some sort of activity (rafting, camping, etc...) are totally great.

But, sometimes a day at home on Sunday, when everyone is just hanging out, helping each other, chatting, being together, are the best days of all.

This past Sunday was like that. Instead of all of us vegging out in front of the TV in separate rooms, we turned off the TVs and just got stuff done. Nothing major, Scott did some outside stuff, I did laundry and a few inside things and the boys went in between both of us, helping out. We ate dinner together then the boys & I decorated for Halloween (I didn't get that done last year and wanted to make sure I did it this year).

It was just a really, really nice day.

I cherish those ones most of all because they are so ordinary, but so special too.

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