Sunday, August 21, 2011

Three Week Update

So, Carter's medication kind of stopped working. Actually, as we tapered it stopped being as effective. Overall he is feeling good, but still having some issues. We had a doctor's appointment on Monday and decided to move onto the next level of treatment. This means he has to go back to Spokane for infusions (IV). We start on Monday. Please pray for him that this works!

He has one treatment on Monday, one two weeks after that, one four weeks after that and then one eight weeks after that.

We had family in town last week and had a blast. We bought a badminton net and played so much badminton including a family tournament. Carter and my sister were the team that won.

I have rafted a few more times and am getting more comfortable. Max is totally done with his issues and even jumped off the bridge a few times. Carter did a lot of rowing. Scott is training him so that eventually he can row the whole way and Scott can fish (and I can read).

School starts for me on Monday and although I am ready to be on a schedule I am wishing we had a few more weeks! There are still a few projects I want to get done!

Hopefully I will post more regularly after summer. I plan to!

Take care all.

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Unknown said...

Prayers to your family that the new treatment will be effective. Think of you often.