Monday, July 25, 2011

Week Update & Gold Star

Last week was supposed to be really hot and Scott was going to be away on a fishing trip. So I arranged to use a cabin on McGregor Lake. (Gold star goes to the O'Brien's for letting us use the cabin).

The weather didn't quite cooperate, but Carter, Max & I had a great time. It was relaxing, there was no cell service or internet and only a rotary dial phone (the boys fought over making calls on it).

They swan everyday and we played games all evening. We also hung out with our Washington friends who were at the lake as well. They spent one night in a tent with them (I slept horrible that night, alone in the cabin in the woods.)

We did come home a day early, though, and yesterday went to Captain America. That was great. Then we played Monopoly last night. Carter killed us.

So overall, a nice summer week spent together.

How was your week?

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