Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Rafting

It's been a disappointing summer so far for rafting. The rivers have been so high and full of silt that we have barely gone.

Right now it is getting to the level where it normally is when we go rafting. BUT, I am still not sure I am ready.

We have gone once on just a float. There was a little white water, but it was still made me really nervous to be on the water.

I don't want what happened to me last summer to affect this activity that I enjoy so much, but the thought of going on white water does make me really nervous. I think I just have to go and trust Scott and relax!

I do look forward to later in the summer and early fall when we raft and Scott fishes. Those days are more floats than white water and are always good days.

I just have to get over this!

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Unknown said...

Jana - I'm w/ you re the rafting. Something I have always loved but more fear sets in as the years pass. Good to have you blogging again....twice in 2 days! I told Scott we need to put Carter in charge of the kids and all go out for dinner. (Reunion this weekend....ugghhh....but then few plans) Hope to see you soon and catch up.