Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Freedom

One thing Carter has discovered this year is FREEDOM!

He and a few friends have been riding their bikes all over town. They ride in for ice cream or to go to the pool or whatever.

It's been really cool for them to have this little taste of freedom. I have to remind Carter to take his cell phone each time because his friends don't have one and we (their mom and I) just feel better if they can call one of us.
(That's right, Carter has a cell phone, but all my worries were for naught--he never carries it around and I have to remind him to check for messages every now and again. I also told him he could get on facebook this summer because a lot of his friends are, but he doesn't want to. Sitting on the computer just doesn't interest him.)

Max has taken his bike into a friend's house in town once and he loved riding around there. It is just cool to see them discovering the bike riding possibilities because neither of them have ever really been into riding bikes. Now it's all they want to do! We are even planning a day trip to ride the Hiawatha trail in Idaho! (But I need to get a helmet first).

Remember those times of freedom in the summer?

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Unknown said...

Did Hiawatha a few weeks ago n highly recommend it. We have some bike lights u can borrow if needed. Melissa