Monday, July 18, 2011

Gold Star Monday

Again, sorry for the radio silence. Last week was my super lazy week. I kid you not.

Max & Carter rode their bikes to some friends house (together) (here's what I wrote on facebook about it:
I just watched Max & Carter ride to some friends' house--down Foys Lake Road then down Whalebone. I was able to stand on my deck and watch them the whole way, but ugh. It was Max's first time and I could just see him freaking if a car came to close. Good thing Carter took the lead and was very patient with him. They made it though! Riding to a friend's house. This is what summer is made of!

I was glad they did it, but I was nervous the whole way. At any rate they were there for the entire day. I had the whole day at home alone (I did go to lunch with a friend) but a whole day at home and I got nothing done! At all. I feel pretty lazy. The other days were not quite that bad, but they were not outstanding either.

I have a few weeks of Gold Stars to hand out:

*first of all: USA WOMEN'S SOCCER. On the 10th we all skipped church and stayed home to watch the game vs. Brazil. All four of us hanging out in the basement. Into the second overtime Carter started whining that it was over, we never would get that last goal. But when Abby Wambach put that header in we all started jumping up and down screaming. It was so much fun! Of course, it all ended yesterday with heartbreak but I will always remember this amazing world cup!

*secondly, for all my friends. I have gotten to hang out with a few that I don't see very often, and did some catch up lunches with a few I don't get to chat with as often as I'd like. It's been fun seeing everyone!

Who have been getting your gold stars? Have you been watching the World Cup?

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