Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Cooking With Warnells

Carter has really gotten into cooking and baking. Last week we (all three of us) made mini pizzas. We use canned biscuit dough, rolled/pulled them out flat and then topped them with pizza sauce, cheese and mini pepperonis. They were very fun!

Carter also made shrimp scampi, caramel-chocolate brownies, and frosted maple cookies. He has done a great job of following recipes and cleaning up! He is loving it.

I also told them they are responsible for their own breakfast. What was happening was they would get up earlier than me by about a half hour. Then, the minute I got up they would say, "What's for breakfast?" It was driving me nuts. Carter has permission to make pancakes or scrambled eggs, and they both can do cereal or toast. I told them they could wait until I got up but there was never any guarantee that I would actually make something for them. So, they've been doing it themselves!

I think it's about time.


melissa said...

Hi Jana!

Just found your blog again .. it has been a long time since I visited!!
How nice that your boys are cooking!! Griff JUST made his first ever sandwich (at 15 years old!) .. 3rd boy is a bit spoiled when it comes to feeding himself ;).

Also .. I had someone contact me about the beautiful scripture cards you sent me years ago. I still have them here on my desk and red one every day! Can you let me know if she (Mallory) could purchase a set??

Thank so much! xo

Lorri said...

LOVE it!