Saturday, June 18, 2011

Scenes from a Children's Hospital

When we first got here I realized that Carter really isn't that sick at all. Thankfully. In fact, I kind of wondered if we even needed to be here. I was very surprised when the doctor admitted us right after the consultation. I honestly thought we'd schedule a scope for next week perhaps. But, I was also really relieved that the doctor was taking things seriously and ready to get to the bottom of this!

Once we were settled in the hospital I went out and ran a couple errands and of course, missed the doctor coming into visit. He told my mother-in-law that Scott should probably come over. I think she almost had a heart attack when he told her that. But, it truly was because he wanted to be able to talk to us both instead of trying to repeat everything later.

Then he told her that we should plan 3-5 days in the hospital and that Carter was malnourished due to the weight loss he'd sustained. He said that a young teen losing 10 lbs that quickly is like us losing 40 lbs. quickly--not good.

Let me tell you that I felt outstanding when he said Carter was malnourished. Good parenting. I realize it was the disease but then I felt like we should have been here trying to get answers long before this.

At this point I actually felt like maybe we should be in the hospital and that he might not be as sick as some kids here, but he was going downhill and it had to be stopped.

Then he had his scope yesterday--upper and lower GI. (At the point of that he hadn't had food for over 24 hours so he was a bit crabby--can't say I blame him. I had been begging him to eat for a few weeks and now that he couldn't eat, he really wanted to).

It is definitely Crohns.

Once I saw all the pictures of his insides I realized that he is good and truly sick. And we need to get a handle on it so we can manage it. And, ohmigosh, how has been even managing oer the last few months--it looks so painful and awful!

I really don't think he realizes he has a life long disease that we have to manage and someday he will have to manage on his own. And that getting it so young increases his chances for more complications later (ie-surgery) And that we will have to be back and forth to Spokane a lot over the next few years because this doctor is one of the only pediatric GIs in the NW--he is our new best friend.

We have one friend that has it that we've been talking to and I am sure that more will come out of the woodwork, that's the way it seems to go anyway.

So, I am glad Carter is 13 and going through this so he understands and is able to have some humor. Hearing some of the really little kids here crying and parents trying to comfort them really tears your heart out a bit. I saw a dad carrying a little baby hooked to an IV yesterday--ugh.

We really don't have it so bad and Carter is in very good hands. The nurses here are wonderful and he will get to eat later today. All will be well!

Thanks so much for all the thoughts, prayers and well wishes. It means a lot and I let him know about every one. He is in good spirits. His cousin brought him his xbox and I rented some very inappropriate games so both he and Max are enjoying that. Hopefully we will be home by Wednesday!

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Niki W said...

We are sending everyone positive thoughts and wish that we could be there to help distract both boys. Hugs and kisses to all. JP says that he hopes Carter gets better soon so we can come visit and play. Love you guys!

If you need ANYTHING, please just ask! It's hard to ask for help sometimes, but we really want to help!