Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Just So You Know...

I go around during the day and think of things to write all the time. then when it comes time to type my brain goes blank. Me being the queen of lists, you'd think I would have ideas written down!

I do know this: I only have to think of clothes for four more days of school.

Thursday and Friday I will be gone chaperoning Max's class on their Montana history trip. My friend Stephanie is also chaperoning so at least I will have her to hang out with a bit.

I plan to read a bit on the bus as well.

Carter is not better and we don't know much more, except that we have gather another stool sample and it just might have to get done while I am gone--oh shucks.

Have a good Thursday.

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Niki W said...

My gold star of the week goes to my dad for helping us with our garage door repair. He is working his butt off to get the guest house ready for move-in and still finds time to come help us with a project we were doing here. He is AWESOME!