Monday, June 27, 2011

Gold Star and Mike Birbiglia

First things first: Carter is doing fine. He is responding well to meds and all looks on the mend.

Next up: My gold stars lately have just gone to the nurses at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. They were awesome. It's weird to think that a week ago we were in a hospital room! Home now and we don't have to go back for a check up until August.

Lastly: I have been kind of hooked on This American Life again. Every now and again I decide to catch up on podcasts I have downloaded and I am so glad I did! I discovered a new comedian for us to enjoy. He is pretty clean (some light sex jokes--nothing too risque--every now and again) and he is hysterical. I have bought all of his albums and that's what we listen to the most in the car on our trips to and from Spokane. His name is Mike Birbiglia and here is a taste of his humor (if you do get one start with Sleepwalk With Me--it's his most recent). Enjoy!

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Jo said...

I give gold stars to my 3 daughter-in-laws for loving and taking care of my sons and my grandsons.You are all wonderful and you put up with me.