Sunday, May 01, 2011

What a Weekend

Birthday Party: We started the weekend by driving down to Renn's house to celebrate her birthday with her. Super quick, but wonderful!!

Health Update: Carter is doing ok. Not great, but I am keeping track of what he's going through. We still have to wait until after school is out to get his blood tested. He played in two soccer games on Saturday and it wiped him out.

Baseball: Max played in his first baseball game Saturday. He warmed up at first base and I was very concerned that he was playing that position because it is a pressure position! You have to catch fast balls and most importantly you have pay attention! But he did great! I was very impressed with him.

Dating: Carter also went on his first movie date on Sunday. He texted her to ask her out. I am not sure I will recommend that always but it works for these two. I dropped him off and he took her to Hoodwinked. They are so cute!

Broken Heart: I dropped my NOOK!!! I broke it and I broke my heart. I am over it now as I sit and type this and I decided that I would take the opportunity to save up for a Nook Color. So, if you wanted to get me a birthday present, you can just send me money (or a Barnes & Noble gift card).

Gold Star: I am going to give it to Max's baseball coach for having such faith in him! I guess my expectations need to be higher for him!!

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Lorri said...

Love the story about Max. We just had E's first game too. Mom nerves - OY.

Sorry to hear you don't have answers on Carter yet. Hugs and prayers!

Gold star: Ethan for working so hard on spelling, reading, homework while he's also doing TaeKwonDo and baseball. On Saturday evening, we were walking through Target and he said, "Whew - I'm wiped out." It was cute. And quite true.