Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunny Days

*I have been trying to keep my "spring" rash under control. My hands look horrible, but since I have been keeping my arms covered they are doing pretty good. Unfortunately, this weekend my neck/upper chest area caught the rash, I look fantastic. Actually, I just look like I have a sunburn (but I know better because I itch so much).

*Max and I went to Thor yesterday, it was very good. You know how I love those summer blockbusters!

*My gold star of the week goes to my cousin Pat. He was working in Whitefish for the past two years and we have loved having him this close to us. But, he needed to get closer to his family so he is moving back east in June. We are sad and will miss him.

*I am going to Wicked in Spokane this weekend!

*My dad is having back surgery today, so send good thoughts his way please!

How was your sunny weekend?


Niki W said...

My gold star goes to Dave the Plumber that was able to figure out what was wrong with my tub and fix our downstairs toilet for a great price! And he is sooo nice!

Niki W said...

I cannot get the links to the 2012 planner pages and the menu/reflection pages! HELP!!! I click on the links and it says there is nothing there.....