Thursday, May 26, 2011

Secret Single Behavior

I know that most of you who read this blog are moms with young children and husbands and houses to clean, etc... So, alone time is very rare. When you do have a moment to yourself is there something that you do that you wouldn't normally do when your family is around? For me it revolves around food--

*I LOVE the Pillsbury Orange Danish rolls but my family doesn't. So if I have a morning that I am alone I will make sure I have those in the fridge.

*I also love roasted garlic. Scott likes this as well, but when I know I am going to be home alone for dinner I will try and grab some Elephant Garlic and french bread for a small feast that is all my own.

*If I am really motivated and I am home alone for the night (or at least in my bed alone for the night) I might wash my sheets with lavender detergent and dry them with a lavender dryer sheets so they are nice and crisp and fresh. Ahhhh...

What about you?

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Niki W said...

I get take out Thai food and sadly enough, do a lot of cleaning....I start out with full intentions of being lazy and watching some of my favorite DVR'd shows like Judge Judy and Dr. Phil, but then I start noticing all of these things that I could just GET DONE! And there it goes.

But I do try to get in some quiet reading time with a glass of wine too!