Thursday, April 14, 2011


*I am feeling EVERY bit of my 39 years today because I played volleyball on Tuesday. I am so sore that my body kind of just wants to shut down. For the last two days I have felt like I am walking through a dream!

*Carter has a track meet on Friday. We told him he has to try track because for gosh sakes there should be some track-ness about that kid! He is doing two events right at the beginning of the track meet and one right at the end. So that means I have to sit through the entire track meet to watch him. I feel like I should apologize to my parents for all those years they sat through track meets. At least my event took a long time.

*I love my new phone, but texting is a bit slower right now.

*Think of all the new words that have been created since the advent of the internet and cell phones. There are TONS of them! It's kind of cool this age we are living in!

*The things I really wanted (for my birthday or just sometime in the next year) are: a laptop, a new ipod and built in shelves. Well, the shelves are done (YAY!!). I got a cool new phone that kind of replaces my want for an ipod touch, but the reason I wanted a ipod was because mine kept dying pretty quickly. In my new van (yes, I got a new van right before spring break. they gave us a deal that we just kind of couldn't turn down) there is a USB post which I have my ipod plugged into that constantly charges it, so I don't need a new ipod. And, we bought two new laptops for the library. They are for the library however, they are also for us. But, Alli has a Mac laptop that she loves, and I told her I was pretty much keeping mine for me and she said ok. So, it all worked out!

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Lorri said...

what kind of phone did you get?