Monday, April 04, 2011

Spring Break Wrap Up & Gold Star

That alarm was a horrible thing this morning. Horrible. But, it was a wonderful spring break and I am refreshed to start the last part of the school year!

Yesterday Scott spent most of the day in our basement with Micah Hill installing our new built in bookshelves and entertainment center. It is so cool. I took some before, during and after pictures but since they are not quite done I am not posting them until it is all complete.

We had a great time in Canby, it was relaxing and nice and cold and wet. But mostly relaxing. We went to the zoo one day and it was cold but fun, we went to the Nike Employee store, which was so much fun and overwhelming and we did some napping (seriously, Carter napped a few times!). The drives to and from were actually really good.

The gold star reciepient for last week was my mother-in-law Jo who cooked for us and let me nap and go off on my own a bit for some alone time shopping. She was completely awesome! Thanks Jo!!

How was your spring break and who gets your gold star for last week?


Lorri said...

I thought spring break was going to be so awesome but it was actually kind of meh. Mostly due to the weather. I usually love being home with the boys with no schedule, but today I found myself very grateful to be back to the routine.

Gold star this week goes to my husband. Our anniversary was last Friday. He's been out of town for 3 weeks. He sent roses AND a lovely card with a handwritten note that he put serious thought into. Our roles in that department seem to have reversed the last few years. Because I pretty much did nothing other than tell him I love him over the phone. :) Gold Star to my husband for making me feel special and appreciated.

Jo said...

Thanks Jana, we loved having you and the boys come back any time