Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So Funny

I can't get this video to embed so follow this link and see what is making me laugh this week. however, there is a lot of strong language so don't watch it around the children! (This will also explain why I will from now on call people with red hair Ragnas)

Sometimes I find it hard to think of something to post, so what I have decided to do is this. Remember those cool journal pages that can be found here? When I am truly truly at a loss I am going to pull something off one of those pages and answer it here. Not today though.

Here's My Favorite Thing Lately:

When I am preparing dinner or doing dishes and my family hangs out in the kitchen. Carter mostly does his homework at this time and Scott helps me out with whatever and Max will sit and chat or do homework or draw. Sometimes it is only for a few minutes and sometimes it is for an hour or more. But I have come to cherish these times as a family and I know they are as important to my family as they are to me!

I didn't do a gold star last week, which makes me sad. Part of the reason I put that in my planner is that I want to seek out someone who is doing something great (either for me or for the community). I know every week there should be numerous gold stars...let me dig deep, I can come up with one.


Lorri said...

So...I'm transitioning to an electronic calendar. Huz is traveling on a permanent basis these days, so we need to stay connected that way. I'm very sorry - I love the one you gave me. But I'm still reading and will still give gold stars! :)

(Someone should come up with an electronic "fun" one like the paper one you made. Something more journal-like in a google-esque format.)

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you linked Sorry Ben on your blog. I hope you don't get fired! The thing that makes it funnier for me is knowing that the guy who plays Jonah is actually like 30. He NAILS it. And is it only my husband who was horrified and/or is it only because I tried to show it to him that he didn't like it? Everyone else thinks it's hysterical. I guess I'm like Claire Dunphy and the wedge salad... =(