Friday, April 22, 2011

Links for Friday

*This such a cute rant written by a 10 year old girl. I know most of my readers have boys, but it's a fun read!

*Crushable (the site that gave us The Babysitter's Club if written by Bret Easton Ellis) listed the 10 YA books that scarred us for life. Super good fun (you have to read the reasons they picked those books). FYI-A Summer to Die: Every time I got a nosebleed after I read this book I was afraid I had cancer. And both Carter & Max are plagued with nosebleeds, so I always worry about them too!

*The above list led me to a link called "5 Surprising Facts About Sweet Valley High." More good stuff!

*If you are looking for a way to waste time today look no further than They have these timed quizzes that you can take, hundreds of them. I spent a whole afternoon taking the Harry Potter quizzes. The movie ones are fun too!

Hope you all have a Happy Easter!!


Lorri said...

I loved that list! Memories. And I would say that if Go Ask Alice was just a hoax/cautionary tale - it kind of did it's job with me. It was always at the back of my mind at parties and stuff. :)

Lorri said...

And Happy Easter to you, too!

Lorri said...

I just went to Amazon and found "Hail, Hail Camp Timberwood." One of my favs from the 80s. :) Thanks for the trip down memory lane!