Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's Up?

Wow, these past two weeks have been low for my posting! It's not like I don't have things to say, I just haven't sat down to say them.

*Carter did get all A's!! I just have to report on that because I had already said he didn't. He is so excited! It was his goal after we told him that neither Scott nor I had ever gotten all A's. He is so happy about it!

*Scott is headed to Las Vegas today for a soccer coaches convention. It's nice to see that he is as excited about going to the convention as he is about going to Vegas. And the temperature is supposed to be in the high 70's while he is there. It is in the high 30's here.

*I finished the third Penderwicks book. It was every bit as wonderful and comforting as the first two.

*I have not been cooking a lot lately. We had Carter's birthday dinner on Monday--he is now a teenager, by the way--and we had chicken pot pie because that's what he requested. I was planning a small surprise lunch at school in the library with some of his friends, but he was out of school on Monday and Tuesday because he was still sick. Today is actually his first full day so I am having the lunch today.

*He and Max have decided to have a joint birthday party in April and do laser tag. It is relatively spendy, unless you divide it by two. We told them that would be their present also and they were both on board with that. They each get to invite 4 friends. They are SUPER excited! (And it's funny because we've been watching Outrageous Kid's Parties on TLC. Both boys comment on the brattiness of most of the kids they've had on their the insane-ness of the parties. We laugh because their bday party is just a tad cheaper and they don't get any presents from us).

*Another basketball tournament this weekend--in Whitefish. Hopefully Carter will be healthy and make it through all the games. We've kept him down all week.

How has your week been going?

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