Thursday, March 17, 2011



I bought a three pack of Coffeemate French Vanilla at Costco. I have been using this kind of creamer since I started drinking coffee. However, I normally get the fat free kind. After studying the nutrition labels I decided it was okay to get the full fat kind (and also that's the kind they had at Costco). However, it is not as flavorful as the fat free kind!! It just isn't. It's been a struggle to drink my coffee each day and now I have three bottles of it to get through. I need to buy another, more flavorful kind to add to my plain kind each morning.

There are quite a few movies I want to have seen--and I haven't. Time is a bitch isn't it? Never enough.

One week and two days till spring break, can't wait! We are heading to Canby for a few days. I like going west for spring break because it actually looks like spring over there!! Green grass, budding trees and flowers.

What are your spring break plans?


Jo said...

We have had so much rain I am heading to Mexico!!!

Renn said...

Gosh I wish I would have read this sooner I could of told you to bring the creamer to me this weekend!!! It was great seeing you even if it was hit and miss. OX